A tale of two bins Fred Schorr wrote a simple sentence:  “. . . and we’re making money from our recycled trash.” The city and many families are doing much more to recycle than in years past but those two words “making money” started a new conversation. The City of

GRIDIRON GRILL-OFF FOOD, WINE & TAILGATE FESTIVAL The Gridiron Grill-Off Food, Wine & Tailgate festival teamed up with celebrity chefs and celebrity athletes for a great afternoon of great food and fun! Miami Dolphin legends, together with South Florida’s finest chefs, signed autographs and mixed with the big crowd that attended

17th Annual Dunn’s Run Photos by Debra Todd Big crowds attended the 17th Annual Dunn’s Run held in Deerfield Beach on Sunday, October 6th. The 5-mile run began on a picture-perfect day with participants ranging in age from 9 to 75 years old and older! We apologize that at press

Cover Story

The Rapa Nui Reef is now ruined. What went wrong and what’s next? By Michele Carassco Photos by Howie Grapek, gpo photography Like the pull of the sea to newly-hatched sea turtles, the spectators were drawn to Deerfield Beach to witness history. Residents and tourists, young and old, streamed from
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Dining Out

Chef Ghali and Lauren Kaufman

Chef’s Palette Restaurant by Malcolm McClintock        A meal at the Chef’s Palette restaurant is always a fascinating experience. This student-driven eatery features an unpretentious dining room situated smack in the middle of multiple teaching kitchens. When seated, all diners have unobstructed views of industrious students clad in
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Local Spotlight

Fishin’ Machine In the early 1980s, NASA devised a safety technique to retrieve astronauts should they become untethered during space walks outside the space shuttle. It involved a rod and reel-like devise. They called Tom Greene because they knew there was no one better at casting a rod and reel.
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