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By Danielle Charbonneau In Honor of Human Trafficking Awareness Month Last month, Lighthouse Point magazine ran a feature on Sharon Stephenson, the owner and entrepreneur behind Blooming Bean, a newly opened coffee shop on the first floor of the Bailey Contemporary Arts center. During our interview, we quickly discovered Stephenson’s

By Samantha Speedy Lighthouse Point’s Samantha Speedy set out on a global adventure, which expanded her perspective and brought unexpected joy. I arrived in Europe with an American flag literally plastered on my back, in the form of a patch on an old denim jacket. As I waited for my

By Marie Puleo Some people know their passion from a very young age, while others discover it along life’s path. Public artist Cecilia Lueza is most definitely of the first variety. Her passion for art has been the burning light guiding her life since she was a child growing up

The 2016 Bridge the Meal Gap study calculates that 15.5 percent of the Broward County population is food insecure. Some Broward County organizations are exploring urban farming as one weapon in the fight against food insecurity. Pompano Beach’s own Fruitful Fields—a non-profit, urban farm—offers a glimpse into one organization’s grassroots

Twenty years ago, when my husband Richard and I started looking for a home, Lighthouse Point seemed like a good bet. It was smack in the middle of our two jobs, on the east side of town, picturesque and family-friendly. As we searched for a house, I remember several realtors

By Jim Mathie PHOTOS COURTESY OF DIXIE DIVERS After a devastating mistake sent Deerfield Beach’s first underwater art exhibit and artificial reef tumbling upside down and crashing onto the sea floor, Rapa Nui organizers mourned. Now, the “Mojectic Moai” may make a comeback. Project benefactor Margaret Blume and Rapa Nui artist

She’s a quintessential Lighthouse Point girl –- born and raised in this small and tightly-knit community, participating in a plethora of community activities and organizations throughout her 24 years. “I consider myself a dancer,” she says. And her love of dance – and her dancing skills – have taken her

The Rapa Nui Reef is now ruined. What went wrong and what’s next? By Michele Carassco Photos by Howie Grapek, gpo photography Like the pull of the sea to newly-hatched sea turtles, the spectators were drawn to Deerfield Beach to witness history. Residents and tourists, young and old, streamed from

Four Pompano Beach High School Soccer players go behind the scenes at a Fort Lauderdale Strikers home game with the team’s new CEO Sean Guerin By sam rosser There is a new regime over at the Fort Lauderdale Strikers. Sean Guerin is the new head-honcho at Lockhart Stadium. Three of

  ON THE ROAD TO SHANGRI-LA MYSTICAL YUNNAN PROVINCE Article and photos by Pam Euston  Wherever you go, go with all your heart       Confucius Saturday, July 28 My husband Don and I departed for our trip to China’s most southwestern province, Yunnan. Flying on three airlines from Miami to Los