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By Jim Mathie PHOTOS COURTESY OF DIXIE DIVERS After a devastating mistake sent Deerfield Beach’s first underwater art exhibit and artificial reef tumbling upside down and crashing onto the sea floor, Rapa Nui organizers mourned. Now, the “Mojectic Moai” may make a comeback. Project benefactor Margaret Blume and Rapa Nui artist

They Rise Again return of the spec homes Spec House—short for “speculation,” usually refers to houses built by developers, designers or contractors for the sole purpose of selling at completion of construction. These residences tend to be staged with appliances, furniture and occasionally dishes and towels but those finishes vary greatly. South Florida has a long

Meet a group of women who are doing wonderful things to transform the lives of women and girls everywhere – posing as bobby-soxers, modeling outrageous fashions, and all. By Pam Euston If you’re a Soroptimist, no cause is too minor, no piece of clothing too humble, so as to not

Fishin’ Machine In the early 1980s, NASA devised a safety technique to retrieve astronauts should they become untethered during space walks outside the space shuttle. It involved a rod and reel-like devise. They called Tom Greene because they knew there was no one better at casting a rod and reel.

Coastal Dreams Countless stories have begun with “I woke up with a big idea.”  Bridget Conway awoke with such an idea and now Lighthouse Point has an amazing new house, hundreds of residents and visitors have toured it and 10 new houses are being built in Haiti from the money

By Earl Maucker Fred Schorr, who retires in March, will surely be missed.  He brought to the city a unique perspective while serving Lighthouse Point for more than a decade.  He used his background as an engineer to full advantage while facing the challenges that come with being the city’s

The boy scouts of Lighthouse Point By Sarah Petri Of all the reasons to be proud of our city, we bet you never knew it has become the perfect habitat for a thriving Eagle population.  In fact, we have an abundance of mature and adolescent specimens of a rare variety. 

The 2013 Shining Stars Awards Every year there is a list compiled of people in Northeast Broward Community that give of themselves stand out and be noticed. This years honorees are: Captain Wayne Adkins, BSO; Dr. Lyn Allison, Small Business Incubator/CRA; Ruthie Brooks, Balistreri Realty; Anne Brummer, Annual Dinner for

Bill “Clancy” Jaycox — Pompano’s Own Troubadour Well, it’s finally official that Florida’s Pompano Beach is the city’s official song. Bill “Clancy” Jaycox wrote the composition back in 2004, hoping the Pompano Beach City Commission would give full approval, but it took another nine years to receive news that the

Exchange Club and NFL Alumni Raise Funds By Brian Rask    Photos by Jon Frangipane On Sunday, August 11th at Sawgrass Lanes, the Pompano Beach Exchange Club partnered with the NFL Alumni South Florida Chapter to raise money for the Broward Children’s Center and several other charities in their 6th annual