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Casy A. turned 11 on April 7th Jack turns 6 on May 7th Angelo turns 3 on May 20th

FAMILIES BECOMING STRANGERS I am a people watcher. Especially when I’m alone, and especially when eating at a restaurant. Recently, I had a quick bite at the California Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale. You see, it must be a quick bite because the music background is an incredible, mindless cacophony —


DO YOU AGREE THE NRA INFLUENCES THE SENSELESS SHOOTING OF CHILDREN AND ADULTS? “All the world needs is love” the Beetles sang to the world in the ‘1960s. In 2012, Wayne LaPierre, NRA Vice President sings, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good


LHP CHAMBER’S ‘SHOP THE POINT’ GAINS SUPPORT! Stresses importance of aiding local economy Forget Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day. More obvious every year is that supporting our own small businesses and our own Main Streets have become critically important. See the growing empty stores? It’s no secret. Lighthouse Point



EDITORIAL   DECEMBER Facing the New Year of 2013 The results of the election may be a welcome breath of fresh air for some, but to others, well, at least four years of bitter disappointment. However, as a business completely unaffected by political goings on, Lighthouse Point Magazine has made exceptional