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EDITORIAL   SEPTEMBER 2013 A PERSONAL TOUCH When our photographer Debra Todd told me she was taking her daughter to New York City for Spring Break, I asked her to take some of her masterful shots of the city and write a story. As a result, the response to her story

OMG — IT’S BEEN 11 YEARS! The Lighthouse Point Magazine proudly reaches its eleventh year of publication with this July, 2013 issue. In a great effort to reach the hearts and minds of this city’s people, we continue to publish a magazine filled with great articles and memorable photos that

NEPAL AND THE MYSTICAL HIMALAYAS “People do not decide to become extraordinary. They decide to accomplish extraordinary things.” Sir Edmund Hillary                                  All photos by Pam Euston. My husband, Don, and I love to travel and in

EDITORIAL     JUNE A DEMOCRACY OR KLEPTOCRACY? Events of the past four years has convinced us that most members of our Congress have become more concerned about their own personal future electability than the needs of our people. We now witness the words of our Constitution being wrongly interpretated by a

MAY EDITORIAL A Real Bonehead “Keep your eye on the ball” sounds like good advice. Well, I did just that a few days ago when I was hit squarely between the eyes with a tennis ball coming at mock speed. My friend Howard seemed apologetic for the smashing blow, but

Casy A. turned 11 on April 7th Jack turns 6 on May 7th Angelo turns 3 on May 20th

Seminole Casino Bacon Fest By Jon Frangipane    Photos by Debra Todd If you haven’t visited the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek recently, you are in for a wonderful surprise. The newly refurbished and upgraded establishment is a certainly a sight to behold. Last month, photographer Debra Todd and I visited

Lighthouse Point 19th Annual Art Exhibition Story by Rebecca Cerino Days Photos by Debra Todd We couldn’t have painted a better day! The weather was spectacular once again…19 years and counting. Thanks mom! The date being early in mid-March, this great exposition seemed to bring in more foot traffic. It was a busy

FAMILIES BECOMING STRANGERS I am a people watcher. Especially when I’m alone, and especially when eating at a restaurant. Recently, I had a quick bite at the California Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale. You see, it must be a quick bite because the music background is an incredible, mindless cacophony —