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By Sally J. Ling In honor of Black History Month, we present three stories that illustrate pieces of our local past. Some interviews for this piece were taken from those conducted through Project History, a cooperative effort of the Deerfield Beach Historical Society and the Communications and Broadcast Arts magnet

The Greater Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce Fine Food & Wine Festival Where: Sheraton Suites Fort Lauderdale at Cypress Creek • 555 NW 62 Street, Fort Lauderdale When: Tuesday, September 20, 2016 Main Event 6:30-9:00 VIP 5:30-6:30 VIP tickets $85 each, or four for $300 Tickets $60 each, or four

By Danielle Charbonneau The 2016 Pompano Fine Food & Wine Festival will benefit both the Pompano Beach Chamber of Commerce and Woodhouse, Inc., a non-profit dedicated to helping adults with severe forms of Cerebral Palsy. The history of Woodhouse, Inc. is that of a dedicated, loving mother, desperate to help

By Jim Mathie PHOTOS COURTESY OF DIXIE DIVERS After a devastating mistake sent Deerfield Beach’s first underwater art exhibit and artificial reef tumbling upside down and crashing onto the sea floor, Rapa Nui organizers mourned. Now, the “Mojectic Moai” may make a comeback. Project benefactor Margaret Blume and Rapa Nui artist

  OUR VISIT TO CUBA! – December 2012                    By Earl Maucker When you think of Cuba, many images come immediately to mind; Cigars, fine rum, the constant beat of Latin music and vintage American cars motoring down the streets of Havana.  For the more cynical among us, the vision may

FAMILIES BECOMING STRANGERS I am a people watcher. Especially when I’m alone, and especially when eating at a restaurant. Recently, I had a quick bite at the California Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale. You see, it must be a quick bite because the music background is an incredible, mindless cacophony —

The Threat Looms Large As Communities Try to Cope Exclusive interview with Lighthouse Point Police Chief Ross Licata, by Lighthouse Point Magazine staff writer Amanda Coyne. Q:  Do you believe that citizens in America should have the right to bear arms? Licata:  Yes I do. Q:  Why do you believe this?

Postcards from the Volga Boatmen By Judy and Bill Sullivan “The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page” St. Augustine For those of us of “a certain age” who went to school in the mid- fifties, there are memories of the drills: crouching under

Article and photos by Joan McIver Editor’s note: Joan McIver is a resident of Lighthouse Point and wife of Stu McIver, world-renown author of 13 books and 500 magazine articles, as well as numerous documentary films. Joan was writer for the Miami Herald and Forum newspapers. The natives are friendly.

DO YOU AGREE THE NRA INFLUENCES THE SENSELESS SHOOTING OF CHILDREN AND ADULTS? “All the world needs is love” the Beetles sang to the world in the ‘1960s. In 2012, Wayne LaPierre, NRA Vice President sings, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good