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By Danielle Charbonneau When I was a kid, my father (a passionate music lover with a vinyl collection that would make 60s and 70s aficionados drool) made me sit down to watch the director’s cut of the documentary Woodstock. My dad had been a manager of a shoe store in

By Miss-Adventure Whenever my mom visits Florida, she gets all decked out in her spandex shorts, hot-pink fanny pack and visored helmet, rents a beach cruiser and gets out to ride in the Gold Coast sunshine. Last March, she told me about this amazing ride she took along A1A to

In honor of Valentine’s Day, Urban Adventures sets out to Homestead, Fla., to visit one of South Florida’s most renowned monuments to love, the Coral Castle. The castle was inspired by unrequited love, was the inspiration behind Billy Idol’s song and music video “Sweet Sixteen,” and has been a topic